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Equality and Diversity Monitoring

Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) has a legal responsibility to pay due regard to: eliminating discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations between people of different groups.

To help us to do this it is important we have a good understanding of how the courses run by the Recovery College being taken up. With up-to-date and accurate information we are able to:

  • Better understand our service users & shape the College's services to meet their specific needs
  • Identify & tackle any issues different people may have when accessing the courses
  • Ensure that people who need our services the most are able to access them

Your replies will not be used in a way that identifies you however they will help us to understand how community needs may vary; and helps us make informed decisions on how we develop services and target resources.

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  • Mental Illness
  • Dyslexia
  • Cancer/HIV/MS
  • Other Progressive Disability
  • Facial Disfigurement
  • Other Hidden Disability
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